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Vista’s September Employee of the Month

Pilo Saldana has been working for Vista Metals for 20 years, and his years of experience has allowed him to become knowledgeable in this industry. Pilo takes initiative when it comes to loading trucks, ordering materials, and helping receiving. He is always eager the help other departments when he can, but Pilo demonstrates how to be an exceptional employee based on all the contributions he has done in the shipping department. Pilo is a self-starter individual who made a positive impact in our operation, especially in the vast export business that we deal with. He leads by example and shares with his fellow workers on how things can be systematically improved in staging, loading and unloading materials to ship. Pilo’s continued effort to improve on all facets of shipping operations is why he deserves to be nominated as September’s employee of the month.

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Vista’s August Employee of the Month

Angel Arratia has been a Vista Metals Team member since 2015. Mr. Arratia is a great asset to the Casting Department because of his willingness to learn and perform new roles without hesitation. Angel started as a General helper, then to a D.C operator, and is now holding the Furnace operator title. Angel stepped up to fill in as a D.C operator while holding down his position as a General helper, which has proven he has a can-do attitude. Angel is well- liked by his peers and supervisors. He demonstrates teamwork by teaching and listening to others input. Angel is constantly improving his efficiency in all tasks because as a furnace operator, it’s critical to maximize recoveries. Angel is a perfect example of Excellence always. We are proud to have Angel in the casting department and look forward to his continued growth.

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Vista’s July Employee of the Month

Henry Ramirez has accumulated six years of experience in the Casting Dept. and is now in his second term as an employee with Vista Metals. He was able to learn and become a D.C. Operator in a very short period of time. His work ethic is superior and consistent thus guaranteeing the casting of an excellent always product. He is always willing to share his knowledge and is a total asset when it comes to training new hires and the new DC Operators of the future. Henry’s leadership capabilities truly stand out! Henry is very adamant about improving and expanding his DC operator knowledge that he volunteered to travel to the Georgia facility to learn the new technics of casting slab with the lasers. His positive attitude, performance and can do spirit have earned him the opportunity to be nominated as the employee of the month for July of 2018.

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